LN2 Cooling + Double Tilt±20°

Double Tilt LN2 Cooling -170°C Atmos Defend + Vacuum Transfer TEM holder

LN2 Cooling -170°C + Double Tilt±20° + Vacuum Transfer TEM holder
Get the High Resolution image and EDS Analysis at-170°C
Temp. Control ±0.005°C

High Resolution at -170°C data movie and data Collection

Sample: Au nano particle ARM 200F in Kyushu University Factory check resolution image

Sample: Au nano particle ARM 200F
in Kyushu University
Factory check resolution image


Sample: (La,Li)TiO3
University of Tokyo
Dr. Ishikawa Dr. Nakayama
Prof. Shibata Prof. Ikuhara


Atomic resolution STEM image observation of LLZ(Li7La3Zr2O12),
which is degraded by exposure to air(moisture) and weak to
electron beam with lithium ion material, was successful.
From this result, it was proved that the non-exposure(Transfer)
was successful, and the crystal orientation was adjusted by Y tilt,
and the electron beam damage was reduced by cooling of -160°C.


Reasons for high-resolution image at -170°C

We realized it with the following our special system.

  1. Mechanical drift cancellation mechanism from our patented technology
  2. High-precision temperature controller . Range is ± 0.005 ° C .
  3. Original gonio cover for cryo tem holder

By making these into one system, it is possible to obtain much easyer get the high resolution image than current cooling holders.


As a result, the stability during cooling has improved, so we have successfully acquired EDS column map data.



EDS analytical performance test using LN2 cooling holder: Column mapping of SrTiO3


TEM holder Specification

Component Double-tilt ,LN2 Cooling and VacuumTransfer
Ultimate temp -170°C
Reaching time : 60min
X tilt : ±25°
Y tilt / Min step : ±20°/ 0.05°
Sample set : Smart Set System
Coolant LN2 : replenish LN2 repeatedly
Include item;
  Temp. controller, Y tilt controller,
   software, Safety Operation Stand of tem holder introduce.


Safety Operation Stand of TEM holder

1 Item(s)

1 Item(s)