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Services and products for and around Electron Microscopy (EM).

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Solutions for existing systems MPI

  • Improvements and special developments can range from modernising your aging EM or other scanning imaging system with new electronics and up-to-date MS-Windows based interface (extending the lifetime and reducing running costs) to specifically tailored solutions for sample preparation or transfer ( ⇒ on the right a Ferrovac UHV transfer / storage with Microscopy Solutions Cryo stage integrated into an FEI Plasma-FIB Helios system).





When looking for a new system

  • As we have many years of EM experience (Service, R&D and Product Development, Product Marketing Management) and connections in the scene we will be happy assist you during a tender process as we are not committed to any of the EM manufacturers.

When looking for consumables and sample preparation tools ⇒ Section "CATEGORIES" on the left

  • Our products are all from high quality European suppliers. Some are our own development currently manufactured in the EU (yes we are looking also for local AU suppliers with focus on low volume high quality production) 
  • Please note that for most consumables there are several "units per packaging" sizes. Obviously the bigger the packaging the lower the price per unit is. 

→ We will always endeavour to provide you with the best possible service and solution to your needs.  If we are unable to assist by completing the job ourselves we may be able to advise you on who can assist you and help with making that connection



Unique carbon thread feeder:

     CCU-010 Coating Unit

Update: Sept 2016 - We are now representing safematic GmbH from Switzerland, Manufacturers of high quality smart coating systems. Please have a look under „Sample Prep: Systems“. 


With Kind Regards,

Alex Rosenthal & Ruth O'Loughlin