Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Why should I buy from Microscopy Solutions?
A: Because we offer unique and useful services and products from microscopists for microscopists. Secondly, we deliver exceptional value with competitive prices for high quality services and products.

Q: What products are your specialty?
A1: Our core competences are customer tailored custom made solutions for electron microscopy and related sample preparation and transfer. As a complementary service we also supply SEM sample preparation, SEM sample holders, SEM supplies, EM supplies, FIB supplies and sputter targets, calibration standards and SEM coater consumables.

Q: To which countries do you sell?
A: Customers from Australia and New Zealand can order directly via our website. Outside ANZ, we quote before ordering.

Q: Do you make custom products?
A: Yes, see the answer for the above question “What products are your specialty?”

Q: Does your website use cookies?
A: Yes our website does use cookies. We need cookies to run the shopping cart. We only store information necessary to process your order. We don't share or sell your personal information to a third party. We don't store you credit card or other banking information. If you proceed further on this website you give us permission to use cookies.



Q: Do I need to create a customer account?
A: No you do not have to create a customer account to make a purchase. However, without an account you will not be able to get quotes on orders or track your purchase. Creating an account will allow you to use the full features of our website and we do not share or sell your data.

Q: Can I get a credit account?
A: Yes, we encourage to apply for a credit account. After a positive result of the credit check we will establish the credit account. Payment for credit account is 30 days after shipping date.



Q: Is there a minimum order amount?
A: There is $140.00 minimum order amount. If the total (excluding GST) is below $140.00 a sum of A$50.00 (excluding GST) will be autimatically added.

Q: When will I be charged for my order?
A: After ordering you will get an order confirmation. We check the order, reserve the goods and send you an invoice with payment options. You will have 4 days to pay the invoice. If you have an established credit account, payment terms are 30 days from shipping date. If you choose to pay by credit card, your purchase will appear on your credit card within 0-5 days of the purchase, depending on your bank.

Q: In which currency is payment?
A: All payment are in AU$, unless special arrangement are made.



Q: How do I get a quotation?
A: There are two ways to get a quote:

  1. Automatically through our website
  2. Emailing us at and one of our staff will get in touch

Q: How do I generate a quote via the website?
A: It is very easy!

  1. First login to your account
  2. Add the products (you wish to receive a quote for) in your cart
  3. Go through the checkout, in order to include all your relevant details on the quote
  4. Choose the shipping method you prefer and click "update Shipping" if necessary
  5. Click on the "Generate a PDF Quote from My Cart".
  6. You will receive an email with a binding quote* with a validity for 7 days
  7. The quote will be stored under the "My Account" section of our website as well for your reference

Q: How long is a quote valid?
A: Quotes generated via the website are valid for 7 days. Precious metal quotes are only valid if precious metal prices remain constant. Otherwise the validity is noted on your quotation.

Q: Can I change this quote into an order myself without contacting you?
A: Once you have generated a quote you can change this quote within 7 days into an order.

  1. Login and go to"My Account"
  2. Click on "Quote History" above your organisations details
  3. Click on "View Web Quote" at the quote you would like to change into an order
  4. Click on the "Change in an Order" at the bottom of the page.
  5. You will soon receive an email with an Order confirmation.

If you don't see the button Change in Order button, it means your quote was generated more than 7 days ago and not valid anymore.

Q: In which currency are the quotes?
A: Standard currency is AU$. Quotes can be provided in other currencies by contacting us at



Q: How do you ship?
A: We prefer to ship with Australia Post. Express Shipping via courier can be arranged for an additional cost. Please email us before placing your order to arrange this.