K-kit wet cell liquid TEM sample holder chamber
innovative, low cost liquid sample chamber



K-kit wet cell - liquid TEM sample holder

The K-kitis an easy to use innovative sample holder for liquid specimens. It is a single-use sample holder with a sealable micro-channel between two silicon nitride membranes. The K-kit is made from silicon with Si3N4 membranes, using the latest MEMS technologies. Included with the K-kit is a copper aperture grid to mount the sealed wet cell. The k-kit is compatible with most standard TEM holders.

The microchannel, with two rectangular silicon nitride windows, enables imaging and analysis of nano-particles suspended in aqueous solutions. The size of the silicon nitride window is 300µm x 25µm with channel heights of 0.2 and 2µm. The inside of the microchannel is coated with Si3N4. Applications are wide ranging from, material, life, chemical and biological sciences.  Nanoparticles can be imaged in their native state  or in-situ dynamic physical and/or chemical reactions can be observed.


K-kit model

The K-kit can also be used in dry mode. The suspended particles are dried in the K-kit microchannel to avoid agglomeration which tends to occur when droplets of suspensions are dried on a support film.

Compatible with FESEM – STEM detectors. The K-kits with the 30nm Si3N4 membranes are compatible with FESEM s equipped with a STEM detector when 25 – 30kV is used for imaging. The best results are achieved in dry mode.

Features and benefits of the K-kit wet cell:

  • easy to use liquid TEM sample holder for aqueous suspensions
  •  low cost alternative to  very expensive in-situ liquid TEM holders
  • choice of two microchannels: 0.2 µm and 2 µm
  • compatible with STEM detectors in FESEM systems @ 25-30 kV
  • suitable for EDS analysis
  • complete set of  dedicated preparation tools available
  • dry mode for quantitative analysis of nano-particles

K-Kit nano-particle cell for TEM

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