HATA-Holder System

3-axis orientation alignment Tomography
High efficiency EDS Analysis
Easy to link with other tools by using cartridges

Accurate 3D visualization (By courtesy of : Prof. Hata, Prof. Mitsuhara )


Austenitic steel


 In general, the crystal orientation is aligned by two tilt axis(X tilt + Y tilt or rotation), but X axis tilting, the crystal orientation is getting off axis.

Therefore, it is necessary for perfect alignment to apply not only Y tilting but also specimen rotation, it can be tilted at a high angle on pefect aligned crystal
orientation, and a beautiful 3D construction is possible by this tem holder system.

Multi Function Structure : Virtual pivot

High detection efficiency structure for EDS analysis

Free form X-ray shadowing

EDS detection efficiency is improved by the geometry of HATA-Holder

High Resolution EDS analytical performance test : Column mapping of SrTiO3

Double Tilt Cartridge Structure

Comparison Tomography between TEM and Atom probe Tomography

TEM Holder Specification

High-Angle Triple-Axis tem holder

Applicable instrument:
FEI Tecnai , Titan, JEOL HR pole piece type

Maximum X (α) tilt range +/-80°
( Limited by the gonio stage tilt angle. )

Maximum Y (β) tilt range +/- 7.50°
Supports high-resolution(see right image)
Double tilt + cartridge structure

Sample rotation (IDS / Flexa)

Maximum Rotation range +/-5.00°
Option +/-100°
( Controlled by Mel-Build IDS or Flexa )

Minimum step control of angle : 0.01°
Illumination for specimen


3-axis Rotation/Tilt TEM Holder

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