FIB Supplies overview


The comprehensive range of EM-Tec FIB supplies for all brands of FIB/SEM systems include a wide choice of FIB lift-out grids, FIB lift-out grid storage boxes and FIB lift-out grid holders. Additionally, the compact combined FIB lift-out grid + sample holders places sample and FIB lift-out grids close together for efficient FIB lift-out operations. Both sample stubs and FIB grid holder can be rotated and height adjusted for optimum FIB lift-out operations.

EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids, Cu, 2 posts
25-000103 EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids, Cu, 3 posts
EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids, Mo, 4 posts
EM-Tec F25 FIB grid holder for up to 5 FIB grids, M4 EM-Tec FS22 FIB grid and sample holder for up to 2x2 FIB grids and  2x Ø12.7mm pin stub, pin

EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids
Copper/ Molyb denum/Smooth Mo

EM-Tec FIB lift-out grid holders
for storage and preparation

EM-Tec FIB lift-out grid + sample holders


EM-Tec FSB100S FIB lift-out grid storage box with single clip


Low profile SEM pin stub Ø12.7 diameter with 35° for Tescan FIBxSEM, aluminium
EM-Tec P38 fixed 38°pre-tilt holder for FEI FIB systems, Ø12.7x17mm, pin

EM-Tec FIB lift grid storage boxes
for up to 100 FIB lift-out grids

EM-Tec FIB low profile stubs for
FEI, Zeiss and Tescan FIB/SEM systems

EM-Tec FIB pre-tilt holders for FEI, Zeiss and Tescan FIB/SEM systems


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