Microscopy Calibration, Test & Reference Standards Overview


Calibration standards are indispensable tools for calibrating microscopes and X-ray analysis systems. Only calibrated instruments produce precise data.  This overview shows the available calibration standards for SEM, FIB-SEM, TEM, EDS/WDS, LM and digital imaging systems. These versatile, precise yet affordable calibration standards enable optimum calibration of your microscope.


SEM - FIB - FESEM - Table top SEM


25-000103 EM-Tec FIB lift-out grids, Cu, 3 posts
Micro-Tec MTC-5 Multiple target calibration standard with 4 patterns, Bright Field EM-Tec LAMC-15 Large area magnification calibration standard

MCS-1 & MCS-0.1 traceable or certified
high magnification calibration standards

MTC-5 Multiple Targets for medium & low magnification calibration, traceable

LAMC-15 traceable low magnification /
large area calibration standard


EM-Tec M-1 calibration standard with 1µm grid pattern
EM-Tec Au on C resolution standard 1, 5-200nm EM-Tec Sn on C resolution standard 5, 5nm-30um

M-1 & M-10 traceable grid patterns
with 1 and 10µm pitch

Gold on carbon resolution test specimens

Tin on carbon resolution test specimens





EM-Tec CXS-5F light element and EDS calibration standard, 5 materials plus F/C on pin stub

EM-Tec RXS-21RE rare earth reference standard, 21 materials plus F/C on pin stub
EM-Tec TC3 TEM EDX calibration standard thin Cu foil on Al grid

EDS / WDS compact calibration standards

EDS / WDS reference standard for quantitative analysis

TEM EDS calibration standard



These specimens enable optimising and testing of TEM performance. The unique multifunctional MAG*I*CAL magnification calibration standard is directly traceable to a fundamental constant of nature. All provided in the standard 3mm TEM grid format

MAG*I*CAL traceable TEM calibration standard

EM-Tec TC1 TEM calibration standard oriented gold crystal


EM-Tec TC2 TEM calibration standard evaporated Al film 

MAG*I*CAL traceable TEM
calibration standard
Oriented gold crystal calibration sample

TEM resolution standards / Evaporated Aluminium calibration sample

EM-Tec TS1 TEM test standard perforated carbon film EM-Tec TS2 TEM test standard evaporated Pt/Ir

EM-Tec TS3 TEM combined test specimen standard

Perforated carbon film test sample TEM test standards / Evaporated Platinum/Iridium test sample

Combined test specimen

EM-Tec TR1 TEM resolution standard fine gold particles EM-Tec TR2 TEM resolution standard graphitised carbon black

EM-Tec TC3 TEM EDX calibration standard thin Cu foil on Al grid

Fine gold particle resolution sample

Graphitised carbon black resolution sample

Copper foil on Aluminium grid
EDS calibration sample




TipCheck AFM tip test sample on 12mm AFM disc
CS-20NG AFM calibration standard  

AFM TipCheck sample

AFM XYZ Standards



LM - Digital Imaging


Stage micrometer S8, 1mm horizontal line in 0.01mm divisions, black slide/glass disc CCS-5 Micro-Tec 5mm cross scale, 0.01mm div., Si/Cr, opaque
Micro-Tec MTCD-5  Multiple target calibration standard with 4 patterns, Dark Field

Glass stage micrometers and graticules; Linear,
cross and compound, optional certificates

Micro-Tec Silicon based graticules; linear, cross and compound, traceable

Micro-Tec MTC-5 multiple targets
traceable calibration standard

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