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MicroscopySolutions offer a selection of fine needles probes and picks for microscopy sample preparation and microscopy probing applications. There is a choice of 5 different types of fine probing needles and two different needle holders; the fine needle probes can be quickly and easily exchanged when damaged or when another fine needle type is needed.  The fine needle probes can also be used as a cost-effective solution for probing under the microscope; the slim needle holders can be mounted in micro-manipulators. The larger stainless steel probes are intended for sample gathering and sample preparation. The Micro-Tec probes are crafted form a single piece of stainless steel and are quite sturdy. The cost effective Value-Tec probes are made with a stainless steel needle probe fused in a stainless steel handle and are intended for finer probing applications.


The comprehensive choice of fine needle probes and picks include :

Micro-Tec straight fine needle probes and set, stainless steel

Fine stainless needle probes


Micro-Tec straight fine needle probes and set, black enameled steel

Fine black needle probes



Needle holders

Needle probe holders

Micro-Tec T5 straight ultra-fine tungsten needle probe, 0.52mm with 0.6µm tip, 25mm


Ultra-fine tungsten needle probes


Micro-Tec C5 straight fine needle probe 0.40mm, nickel plated carbon tool steel, 28mm

Tool steel fine needle probe


Value-Tec mini needle probes

Mini needle probe


Micro-Tec fibre reinforced plastic probes

Reinforced plastic probes


Micro-Tec polished stainless steel probes


Micro-Tec polished probes


Value-Tec stainless steel probes


Value-Tec stainless probes


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