FEI Teneo VolumeScope pin stubs with groove
added side groove for improved and secure handling


10-006009 FEI Teneo Volumescope pins with V groove

The FEI Teneo VolumeScope systems uses specially designed sample stubs with a 3.1mm diameter pin. The sample mounted on these pins are used for serial sectioning and serial block-face BSD imaging to create 3D imaging data of the sample structure. The sample area consists of a raised platform with 2mm diameter which sits on a Ø8mm head. To improve handling of the FEI Teneo VS pins, we have added a groove in the side of the  Ø8mm head. With the groove, the FEI VS Teneo pins can be easily handled, removed from the sample holder and placed in storage boxes.

These pin stubs are fully compatible with the FEI Teneo VS SEM system; Ø3.1mm pin, Ø8mm head and raised platform for sample mounting. Manufactured from vacuum grade aluminium.


EM-Tec PT28 storage box for FEI Teneo VS sample pin stubs with groove

The EM-Tec PT28 storage box has been developed to store 28 of the FEI Teneo VS pin stubs. Made from clear polystyrene with two hinges and snap-lock. The pin stubs are held by a custom high density closed cell NBR foam with holes. The high density closed cell foam doesn't crumble and is elestic enough to allow repetitive loading and retrieving of the pins.

FEI VolumeScope Stubs

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