Conductive Adhesives

Conductive and Non-conductive Adhesive Overview


Conductive paints and conductive adhesive tapes are indispensable for SEM and FIB specimen preparation and specimen mounting. They enable quick sample mounting and deliver the conductivity needed for SEM and FIB applications. The selection of conductive adhesive include:

  • Specially formulated conductive paint and cements for SEM, FIB and lab applications
  • Double sided carbon tapes for mounting specimens
  • Conductive metal tapes for making grounding paths

The non-conductive adhesive are useful for sample preparation in vacuum systems and for application where conductivity is not required. The selection of non-conductive adhesives include:

  • UHV compatible single and double sided Kapton tapes
  • HV compatible single sided PET mylar tapes
  • Double sided adhesive SEM tabs



Conductive Adhesives for SEM, FIB and Lab applications

Carbon paint, water based

Carbon paints & cement solvent based

EM-Tec NI41 strong and good conductive nickel cement/paint

Carbon paint, water based

Carbon paints & cement solvent based

Nickel paint/cement solvent based

Silver paint/cement solvent based EM-Tec AG30 long working time, extreme conductive silver filled epoxy, 21g in 2 syringes EM-Tec AG20 conductive silver pen with 0.8mm microtip

Silver paint/cement solvent based

Silver filled epoxies

Silver micro-tip pen

Conductive double sided adhesive carbon tabs

conductive copper SEM tapes

conductive aluminium SEM tapes

Carbon tapes & tabs, double sided 

Copper SEM tapes

Aluminium SEM tapes


Non-conductive adhesive for EM and Lab applications

Kapton polyimide tapes
Green PET polyester mylar tapes

Micro-Tec D12 double side adhesive tabs,  Ø12mm, non-conductive

Kapton tapes, single sided, UHV compatible

PET-Mylar Tape, single sided,

HV compatible

Adhesive SEM tabs, double sided

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