EM-Tec SEM sample holders overview

The EM-Tec range of SEM sample holders comprises a wide variety of holders to make it easier and quicker to mount your samples directly in the SEM.  Samples are held by clamping between jaws or secured with screws. When samples are secured correctly, the sample won't move which increases spatial resolution both for imaging and analysis. With the EM-Tec SEM sample holders there are no out-gassing or contamination issues. All EM-Tec SEM sample holders with a M4 threaded hole are fully compatible with the EM-Tec SEM stage adapters.

The wide choice of EM-Tec SEM sample holders include:

      small stub based sample holders

   multi fuctional SEM vise holder S-clip holders Pre-tilt sample holders
   Small stub based sample holders
                 – Pin stub based
                 – JEOL stub based
                 – Hitachi stub based
   EM- Tec versatile vise clamp
   sample holders
                 SampleClip holders:
                  – Standard pin stub
                  – Zeiss pin stub
                  – JEOL stubs
                  – Hitachi stubs
       Pre-tilt sample holders
         – Fixed tilt angle
         – Variable tilt angles


centering vise holder

            EM-Tec P71 EBSD 70° pre-tilt sample holder for Ø25mm/1inch mounts, pin      EM-Tec GS10 swivel head sample holder for up 10mm, gold plated brass, pin

      Compact spring loaded vise holder

     Centering vice sample holder             EBSD sample holders                 Swivel sample holders   Compact spring loaded vise    holder

EM-Tec V22 compact vise type sample holder for up to 22mm, pin

     EM-Tec PH90 versatile off-set and 90 degrees sample holder kit


universal double sided spring-loaded larger vise

Geological slide holders

        Compact vise holder      90 degree and off-set sample      holder          Universal Spring-loaded vice
         sample holders
Geological slide holders

Gold series sample holders

reference holders EM-Tec TG4 TEM grid holder securely holds up to 4 TEM grids, Ø18x3.2mm, pin

      STEM imaging holder

      Gold series sample holders       Reference sample holders                          TEM grid holders    STEM imaging holder
FIB grid sample holders        EM-Tec R32 bulk sample holder for up to Ø32mm, aluminium, M4       Multi pin stub holders        EM-Tec M32 metallographic mount holder for 30mm / 1-1/4inch mounts, pin
        FIB grid sample holders              Bulk sample holders                    Multi pin stub holders   Metallographic mount holders
      JEOL multi stub holder

      Hitachi multi stub holders

      JEOL Neoscope holders

            Hitachi TM series holder

           JEOL multi stub holders           Hitachi multi stub holders               JEOL Neoscope holders    Hitachi TM series holders

            EM-Tec PHF32 filter holder kit for Phenom metallurgical sample holder
         Phenom sample holders

                  EM-Tec PHF32 filter holder kit for Phenom metallurgical sample holder
                  Small vise holders

                  EM-Tec wafer holders
                      Wafer holders


Sample holders overview

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