Overview TEM Support Films


Large selection of high quality, ready to use TEM support films which save valuable time. The traditional formvar and carbon based support films are made with dedicated equipment in a clean environment and are all checked with a TEM before being shipped. The EM-Tec silicon nitride TEM support films are made using the latest semiconductor manufacturing techniques are ideal for experiments on a robust support film and high temperature applications. The EM-Tec research-ready graphene films present the thinnest TEM support films. All TEM support films are supplied in a TEM grid storage box.


Carbon film on square grid Holey Carbon film on square grid Lacey carbon film
Carbon only support films Holey carbon support films


Lacey carbon support films
EMR Formvar Carbon TEM Support Films EMR Formvar Carbon TEM Support Films EM-Tec single layer graphene TEM support film on Lacey carbon on 300 mesh copper grids
Formvar only support films
Formvar / carbon support films EM-Tec Graphene support films
EM-Tec Silicon nitride support films EM-Tec TS2 TEM test standard evaporated Pt/Ir EM-Tec GB-100 TEM grid storage box for 100 TEM grids
EM-Tec Silicon nitride support films TEM calibration & test standards TEM grid storage boxes

OVERVIEW Support Films

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