Quartz Substrates

Micro-Tec quartz substrate discs


The Micro-Tec quartz substrate discs are ideal substrates for thin film, high temperature, UV and optical research.  They are made from type GE124 high purity fused quartz. The material has excellent chemical resistance against a wide variety of acids, bases and solvents (except hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids). They also exhibit excellent dimensional stability and heat resistance over a large temperature range.  The Micro-Tec quartz substrate discs are available in 5 sizes from 254 to 101.6mm diameter (1” - 4”) with a choice of thickness in 1.6 and 3.2mm.

Specifications summary for the Micro-Tec quartz substrate discs:

Quartz material type

GE 124 fused quartz

Material purity

99.995% or better

Chemical Formula


Optical transparency range

190 - 4200nm

Low absorbance optical transparency range

260 - 2600nm

Maximum temperature use


Surface flatness

±1 degree

Surface roughness

60/40 scratch dig

Size tolerance


Further information regarding the type GE124 fused quartz can be found in our Technical Support Bulletin.

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11 Item(s)