LN2 Cooling -170℃ + X Tilt±60°
Get the High Resolution image and EDS Analysis at-170℃
Temp. Control ±0.005℃

EDS Tomography and EELS data

3D silica distribution image by STEM-EDX tomography with IR/SBR blend

Polymer blend, compatibilization, interface, STEM EDX , EELS and ELNES


Provision data : AIST of Dr. Shin Horiuvhi : ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2019, 1, 815−824

Reasons for high-resolution image at -170℃

We realized it with the following our special system.

  1. Mechanical drift cancellation mechanism from our patented technology
  2. High-precision temperature controller . Range is ± 0.005 ° C .
  3. Original gonio cover for cooling tem holder

By making these into one system, it is possible to obtain much easyer get the high resolution image than current Cryo TEM holder.

Single tilt LN2 Tomography Holder

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