Needle Double Tilt Eucentric

EN Holder for UHR

Double Tilt tem holder with Needle Sample. Keep to Eucentric position Tomography is possible even with a narrow gap of UHR

It is necessary for realization of double tilt with a needle specimen to install our TEM Holder structure of Virtual Pivot.

Virtual pivot mechanism has a linkage structure with imaginary pivot as shown a schematic diagram, which is feasible to double-tilt maintaining eucentric.

This mechanism is feasible to a double-tilt and high-angle tilting of a needle specimen.


Example of sample preparation method with FIB by our STUB

  1. Place the section cut out with the FIB on the needle.
  2. Remove the STUB pin and fix it again to the position rotated 90 degrees.
  3. Finish the sample section with FIB.

Easy link to other tools ( FIB/SEM APT Gentle Mil and More )

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1 Item(s)