Double Tilt Atmos Defend and Vacuum Transfer TEM Holder

High efficiency EDS Analysis at FEI Quad SDD
Double Tilt±20° + Vacuum Transfer TEM holder
High resolution tilt control at 0.01degree step

EDS Analytical Model

Structure that does not obstruct detection path of EDS as much as possible


Drift Cancel Structure

With our proprietary 
drift cancellation mechanism, Immediately after insert
high resolution like the image.


Vacuum retention capacity and blocking capacity indicated by data

It is proved that the vacuum arrival time is the same in the state where the Cradle is exposed and the state where the atmosphere is stored and it is proved that the seal performance is high because it leaks considerably when released to the atmosphere.

TEM Holder specification

Component : Double-tilt and VacuumTransfer
X tilt : ±25°
Y tilt / Min step : ±20°/ 0.01°
Sample set : Smart Set System
TEM : Thermofisher
Include item;
  Temp. controller, Y tilt controller,
   software, Safety Operation Stand of tem holder introduce.


Safety Operation Stand of TEM holder

Double Tilt±20° + Vacuum Transfer

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