Supports & Substrates Overview

Dedicated ample mounts and sample substrates covering a wide range of applications for SEM/TEM/AFM and LM. Additionally, supports and substrates are offered for experiments which can be used for subsequent imaging and analysis.


SEM – FIB – FESEM – Table top SEM & Experimental substrates

Graphite Discs
Vitreous Carbon Discs

silicon chips & wafers

Graphite carbon discs

Vitreous carbon discs

Silicon chips & wafers

SEM sample stubs EM-Tec FG-1 Silicon Finder Grid Substrate with 144 fields of 1x1mm Nano-Tec V1 grade Muscovite mica sheets

SEM sample stubs

Silicon finder grid

Mica discs & sheets

Qartz support discs
Nano-Tec gold coated silicon wafer, Ø2inch/51mm, 275µm thickness, 50nm Au

Nano-Tec gold coated microscope slide, 75x25x1 mm, 50nm Au

Quartz discs

Gold coated silicon wafer

Gold coated glass slides


EMR Formvar Carbon TEM Support Films EM-Tec Silicon nitride support films EM-Tec single layer graphene TEM support film on Lacey carbon on 300 mesh copper grids

TEM formvar, carbon,
holey and lacey support films

Silicon nitride membranes 

Graphene support films


Nano-Tec AFM / SPM Stainless Steel Metal Specimen Support Discs   Nano-Tec AFM / SPM Metal Specimen Support Discs, coated with 1µm gold Nano-Tec V1 grade Muscovite mica sheets Nano-Tec ultra-flat P{100}silicon chips, 5x5mm, 25 in gel pack, 675µm thickness

Magnetic metal discs
stainless steel / gold plated

Mica discs and sheets

Silicon and silicon-oxide chips


Micro-Tec black metal microscope support slides, 76.2 x 25.4 mm

Glass slides

Quarz slides

Black metal slide



Supports & Substrates

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