Who we are

Founded out of the idea that microscopy equipment in Australia and New Zealand shouldn't be so unnecessarily pricey and hard to obtain, Alex Rosenthal drew on his experiences in R&D and product development and consulted with peers in the field to create Microscopy Solutions.

Now a well established business with several years of operation and decades of knowledge, we use a two pronged approach to provide the best service for laboratories throughout Australasia:

  1. Our catalogue is filled with high quality laboratory consumables sourced from all over the world and offered at the lowest prices to our customers.
  2. We work with you, the customer, to assess your existing equipment and upgrade it with existing solutions or custom-built add-ons to - 


"add value to what you already have".

With more and more laboratories looking to get the best out of their equipment, Microscopy Solutions have recently begun to offer a Maintenance and Repair service. Once engaged, one of our technicians will come on site to test your faulty equipment and provide you with a report on what is required to get it back to it's best.

We work with the following of organisations to make sure our knowledge, services, products and equipment is of the highest quality and uses the latest technology.


University of QueenslandUniversity of SydneyMax-Planck-GesellschaftSwiss Federal InstituteUniversity of ZurichInstitute of Scientific Instruments Micro To NanoSafematic Nexperion>