Light-Field System LF4-CUBE

Removes contamination from samples and holder shafts
No re-contamination during observation
High-vacuum holder station: less than 1X10-4 Pa

Remove Contamination Mechanism

4 ports High Vacuum station less than 1X10-4Pa(spec.)

Halogen lamp annealing Removes contamination

The annealing temperature is adjusted by height using the our original thermometer.


A plasma cleaner cannot remove contamination over the entire holder surface, though it is effective for cleaning just the sample. That is, a plasma cleaner cannot perfectly clean the holder; the sample would be re-contaminated by residue materials from the holder shaft when observed by TEM.

Important points

  1. All surfaces of both the holder and sample need cleaning.
  2. Plasma damages the sample.

The LF4 system can clean both your sample and the entire holder surface under light and high vacuum without any sputtering damage. This improves your TEM and STEM data.

LF4 Other option and functions

Other three functions

Extantion Ports
Various expansion chambers of options can be installed using this.

Skewer Valve
You can used as port when pumping Cryo holder dewar.

Thermometer probe
The annealing temperature is adjusted by this.


Other option chambers

EX4 additional station
4 ports can be added using the Extantionport. The same applies to LF4, but the port shape can be selected one by one.

Multi port Chamber 8
Each TEM Holder,SEM stage and your samples cleaning by Plasma Clean. You can make use of 6 ports in any way.


LF4 Specification

Size and weight: W366 x D435x H400(mm) 30kg
Power supply: AC100V 5A
(For 200VAC, a down-step transformer is required.)
Vacuum: vacuum level is ≦ 1×10-4 Pa
(Measured with dummy plug)/(see note 1)
Lighting anneal: RT. to 150°C MAX
Recommended temp. : 80-130°C
Supported holder: FEI/JEOL/Hitachi200Kv TEM sample holders.
Please specify your configuration when oredring
(for example FEI 2ports, JEOL 2ports)
Environment: Inside Application lab / Room Temperature 15-30°C
No condensation

Note 1: At room temperature of 20 Degrees C, not using light baking function.
Note 2: Adjust the height of the light using our temperature measurement probe in advance
and calibrate the temperature before baking the holder.Do not exceed 150 °C.


Light + Vacuum Decontamination

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