In-Situ Nano Step

In-situ Nano Order Tensile Holder


Nano-Order Tensile : min.step 1nm
Prepare 2 type holder of Polymer and Material model
Cartridge structure: Easy link to Microtome and FIB

Polymer and material Nano order Tensil data Collection


Cu-6Sn HR 5nm Tensile

Prof. M. Murayama (Virginia Tech)

Microscopy, 67, 296-300 (2018).
Prof. Jinnai Tohoku University


As shown in the video above, it is possible to perform a tensile test by dynamic observation.

Cartridge Structure

Polymer Model
Co-developer Prof.Hiroshi Jinnai Tohoku University
Sample Preparation Method Example
Placing the cut section of the microtome on the cartridge.

Material Model

Co-developer Prof.Kazuhisa Sato/Prof.Satoshi Hata

Standard Design
Thin Slit Design for FIB



Set the sample on the cartridge in various ways. The cartridge design can be changed depending on the sample set method.

Then, the cartridge on which the sample is placed set on the TEM holder, and the cartridge is tensile by deforming.


TEM holder specification

Material Model
Tensil resolution: 1nm/step 3nm/dec
Tensile Distance: 200μm
TIlt Angle: Thermo Fisher ±65°
JEOLHR PP ±60°/ UHR PP ±10°
Cartridge Model: Prepare FIB and Bulk sample
Soft Material Model
Tensil resolution: 1nm/step 3nm/dec
Tensile Distance: JEOL Model 800%
Thermo Fisher 200%
TIlt Angle: JEOLHR PP ±20°/ UHR PP ±10°
Thermo Fisher ±20°
Cyclic Straining Mode: JEOL Avilable
Thermo Fisher Not Function
Cartridge Model: Prepare Microtome and FIB


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