Repair and Maintenance

Microscopy Solutions are now able to offer repair, maintenance or diagnosis of damaged or faulty equipment. If your microscope isn't working the way it should, we can help.

Just like we did for the Queensland Brain Institute:

Photon microscope examining rat brain

Disagnosis of Photon Microscope Distortions - QLD Brain Institute


With the borders closed Queensland Brain Institute was in trouble when one of their two photon microscopes began to produce severe imaging distortions and their technical support company, Newspec took immediate remedial action by contacting us.

The problem was urgent, but luckily it only took a day for Andrew Gibson-White from Newspec to track down Alex Rosenthal from Microscopy Solutions who was "stuck" in Queensland. Andrew was able to call on his contact Professor Roger Wepf who agreed to loan the Spicer Consulting site survey equipment and only a day later, on Saturday, Alex arrived.

By 4pm that same day they had:

  • Completed the survey
  • Located the reason for the image distortion
  • Assembled a test setup to prove our findings and identified the parts that need replacement.
  • Provided a report with proposals for functional correction.

From first contact to the solution took only 48 hours.


Image BEFORE repair
Image BEFORE repair

Image AFTER repair (test setup)
Image After Repair
Spectrum BEFORE repair
Spectrum BEFORE repair

Spectrum AFTER repair (test setup)Spectrum AFTER repair